Alien Hoverboard Reviews & Buyers guide 2022

Alien Hoverboard Reviews 2020

Looking for some extraordinary riding adventures, here I suggest you the custom style hoverboard for you guys, the very all-new batwings Alien Hoverboard, it’s like mini batmobile hoverboard available for sale. Hurry!!!

From the launching of this hoverboard till now, it made a twenty-four million happy consumers with positive critics and it also provides good customer service.

What So Special About It?

Comes with the all-new batwings custom mold design and stunning looks tends everybody to buy it, not only kids, adults as well.

Alien Hoverboard Review 

Alien Hoverboard Image

Features & Benefits

This is the hoverboard which is built with custom design mold by experts to experience the different riding feel, So that when you ride on the city or off-road, this hoverboard can attract everybody’s attention this makes you feel so good you would become popular in your neighbourhood.

The body frame of this batwings hoverboard is designed and constructed in a very unique thick high-intensity aluminum alloy frame pattern, where other electric scooters don’t have this feature. (Range 12 miles)

The central body axle part is 1.54 inches thick, the bottom pedal device is 0.2 inches thick and the whole body frame is  0.1 inches thick than a normal electric scooter. This type of bodywork makes this balancing wheels very strong and durable, capable of loading heavyweights of up to 264 lbs.

It is a UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard, promising customer safety at all rides in any situation. The most pleasing Hoverboard Ever. (Max. Speed 7.5 mph)

This electric scooter uses high-density coil brushless motor which gives the alien hoverboard enormous power and smooth riding in all surface. It uses 105 iron cores plus thirty magnetic steel sheets for amazing stability.

Power packed Long lasting 36 volt Samsung Battery (Certified by MSDS, CE FCC, UL, UN38.3) Cell installed in this alien board hoverboard with the combination of 20 cells, makes possible to ride all day long without any problem.

The batwings four Led light is fixed in front and back of the alien hoverboard So it is possible to see both the ways to see the lights systems, it warns other riders your presence and ensures your ride safe and secure even at night.

Bluetooth surrounds speaker system for audio, it would make your every ride enjoyable with your favorite music covers all the complete 360 degrees loud sound.

The Multi-layered printed circuits board are built within this alien electric scooter, capable of performing more challenging moves much suitable for an adventurous rider.

The alien wheels hoverboard is available with a free carry bag it super fits like a glove including one year warranty by the company.


  1. Four printed circuit board sensor is equipped to protect from vibrating.
  2. Multicolor options available, kids love this.
  3. All day use multi-certified alienboard batwings charger for super performance.


  1. No water resistance.

My Personal Experience

Every time I and my team review a hoverboard, we actually buy, test and ride ourself to know the speed, performance, and function. I actually gifted Alienboard Hoverboard to one of my manager kid his name is Phil the 9-year-old kid, he felt so happy on first seeing this hoverboard. He never has seen or ride a single electric scooter in real. That’s like a dream come true for him.

Eventually, He tried riding it and fell quickly all day long, he is a beginner how could you expect him to ride at first stretch itself. So I advised the kid don’t be rush,  wear all your safety gears and try again, for safety purpose of the kid.

One day later he was roaming in and around in my office with the hoverboard, I was really surprised and happy to see the kid riding alien hoverboard we gonna review, I saw a huge smile on the face of the kid.

He didn’t step out of the hoverboard on that day, he rides all day long. He didn’t even go out to play with other kids in the neighborhood.

He did not read the rider manual, he got no riding experience. Still, the kid rocks it. I just asked the kid how come you learn to ride too quickly?. The kid replied this the best ever gift I got and it’s my new friend.

The kid is so obsessed with his new electric scooter. So we decided to write a review about this wonderful product which stole a million best kids gift heart within a day, damn sure this is best suited for your kids and you can call this as kids hoverboard.

The riding manuals are so easy in this hoverboard anybody can become a pro within a day as the kid did.

Got very unique features, technology, sensors and solid aluminum frame which is lightweight and durable. Everybody get attracted to the super cool design and color of this hoverboard. A fully certified above average battery for a power packed performance compared to other electric scooters. So, choose wisely and ride safely.


One of the best electric hoverboard in our list and my favorite one, it deserves all respect, worth to buy. This is the one and only hoverboard where we got inspiration from the kid and the happiness in his eyes.


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